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Friday, 26 August 2016


Trashy, slutty, Daniel has come a long way in a short amount of time. When he first entered The Casting Room he looked like a studious schoolboy. But after being deflowered in his second audition and his stunning work at Breeder-Fuckers and CMNM, Daniel has turned into one filthy slut. 

Now his tattooed body is being re-viewed, getting him to pose in every position without his glasses. Without wearing his specs he’s blind as a bat. There’s another level of tension and something quite sexy about examining this hot stud’s naked body in detail without him being able to see a thing! See how much more confident Daniel is exposing himself completely compared to his original audition.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Manuel DeBoxer Sucked of By His Biggest Fan:

Channing has been a big fan of MASKURBATE for many years now. He wrote them about wanting to meet his favorite pornstar, Manuel Deboxer. He was lucky! A meeting was arranged, as long as Channing agreed to being filmed by the MASKURBATE team:


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Friday, 19 August 2016

Sideshow-Bob Strip-Searched In Prison:

Sideshow-Bob here is having a great time on remand in prison. Apart from being strip searched regularly he gets to play ping-pong, a bit of pool and work out in the gym. His big muscular arse has become quite a sight on the wing and got quite a lot of attention. Not least from the warders ...  ...

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bob & Cristian Hose Each Other Down:

At the leather dungeon Bob and Cristian eye each other up. Quickly, they know which pleasures suit them best and they start by hosing each other down. Then, Cristian jams a big dildo up the ass of submissive Bob, who thankfully sprays a big load all over the place. But there is more to cum ...

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Scruffy Stud Fucks Rough Lad:

Dave returns to fuck the living daylights out of his feeble, whimpering lad. The two are discovered completely nude with the passive worm on his knees awaiting the damage inflicted upon him. The sneering stud rams his fat cock deep into Elliott's mouth and makes him ream before flipping him over and ploughing his dick deep into his arsehole. 

The energetic fucking really takes it out of the lad who yells noisily as he is fucked raw. He ends up flat on his back with the top ramming into him so hard that eventually the abusive top shoots his sticky spunk into the sub's mouth. The runt has to lap up all of the jizz with Dave contemptuously glaring at the exhausted and dazed youngster.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wesley Woods & John V. in: ON THE MARKET

It takes balls to negotiate a good deal, and confident, muscled hunk Wesley Woods has some of the biggest balls around. As Wesley counsels his client on the phone, Johnny V enters the office with a special delivery, but the only package that Wesley cares about is the one between his legs. Guiding Johnny's hand to his hard cock, Wesley unleashes his thick meat to get sucked. 

Johnny works Wesley's cock from tip to base, also sucking on his huge nuts. Wesley pushes down on Johnny's neck, urging the stud to swallow even deeper. Stripping off his shirt and shorts, Johnny reveals his perfect bodybuilder physique: bulging pecs, thick arms, washboard abs, and a firm ass. Wesley slobbers on Johnny's cock, slicking up the shaft all the way down to Johnny's ginger bush. Putting a leg up on the desk, Johnny presents himself for rimming, and Wesley dives in. 

Saliva rolls down Johnny's crack as Wesley licks and fingers the tight pink center. Wesley slaps his cock against Johnny's ass before thrusting inside, and Johnny submits control. With his big nuts slapping against Johnny's ass, Wesley cockily dominates the ripped muscle stud. Johnny flips on his back and jerks his cock as Wesley fucks him, spewing his semen all over his rippling stomach. 

With his balls drained, Johnny sinks to his knees and opens his mouth to catch Wesley's massive load: thick ropes of pearly white cum that splatter across Johnny's lips and dribble off his chin. Now that Wesley's package has been serviced, he's ready for his next conquest!


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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sterling Johnson

Sterling Johnson has fantasised about being in porn since he was a young boy. When at H-O-M they saw this stud's furry ass, tightly muscled body and uncut dark meat, they knew they had to make his fantasy a reality!

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